Tarot Readings

My "altar of good things" photographed by myself, Sarah

For those of you who are interested in receiving a professional & accurate tarot card reading, I have started practicing tarot and will be offering tarot card readings online! The messages I receive come straight from my highest self and highest Angelic/spirit guides. The deck I will be using is the Angel tarot card deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine pictured in the image above.

I pull 1 to 4 cards for general messages and guidance, or if you have a specific question in mind I can pull 1 to 4 cards for that as well. The readings are delivered through EMAIL in a .pdf file that includes very detailed descriptions, divine insight, and images of the cards I drew. 

Payment & What to do

Payment is up to you in the form of a donation; as you decide how much money the reading is worth, please enter in the amount in USD you which to offer for my guidance and time. The "donate" button is located at the bottom of this post. Once you donate (thank you!) you should be taken to the "contact me" page on this blog. Shoot me an email with your full name (first and last) and specific questions OR let me know if you just want general guidance. If you are not redirected after your donation, click HERE to be taken to the contact screen.

I do this because it is something I am skillfully & naturally good at, and I LOVE hearing that what I have to say is helpful to you guys/gals; it warms my heart to give personal insight and divine guidance. Thank you to those curious creatures who encourage and support my work! 

Love and good vibes to you all. :)